Kees de Witt Wijn - Steel artist

Expositie 29 en 30 oktober ’22

Hole in the Truth
Hole in the Truth h 43 x b 26 cm

Op 29 en 30 oktober 2022 vindt de jaarlijkse Kunstroute in De Kwakel plaats. Dit jaar heeft het als thema ‘Qua kunst en ambacht’. Een groot gedeelte van mijn staalsculpturen staat geëxposeerd in de entree en het restaurant van sportcentrum De Amstelhof. Ik zou het leuk om je daar te ontmoeten. Ik ben aanwezig tussen 11.00-18.00 uur.

About me

Mijn naam is Kees de Witt Wijn.

After attending the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1968, I started working as an independent artist. I do this to this day with the same enthusiasm.

My work has been exhibited and sold throughout the Netherlands.

My specialization has always been steel. The material attracts me and challenges me. At first glance it looks hard and cold, but my technique of metalworking melts and deforms it allowing a connection with my creativity. In addition, it is very durable, which is certainly necessary when my sculptures are placed outside.

I also make combinations of different types of steel, including copper, brass and stainless steel.


In my work I want to show and feel how vulnerable and transient our existence is on this planet. Nothing is self-evident and everything is only temporary. That is why I make art that everyone can enjoy during their lifetime, and that their next of kin can commemorate them by when they have passed on.

Funerary monuments

Sail freely with me.

Buy your favorite steel statue and enjoy it now. Later take it with you to your grave so that your friends and family can enjoy it and commemorate you.

More images of my work are displayed on Instagram. You can make an appointment for a viewing at my location in Amsterdam.


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